Modified E100 South Pacific DX mp3's

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     The modified E100 (with a 7.5" slider loopstick and narrow filter) really provided some excitement in Grayland, WA on July 31st, receiving Fiji-639, Tonga-1017, 2ZB-1035 in New Zealand, and KPUA-670 in Hawaii.  I wish that all of you could have experienced the fun of chasing Ultralight South Pacific DX on an exceptional morning!
     Uploaded to the Ultralightdx group site were a couple of mp3's from that superb session, of Fiji-639 and 2ZB-1035.  The Fiji-639 mp3 starts off with a marginal mumbling ID in Pidgin English, but quickly gets stronger with Polynesian choral music.  The 2ZB-1035 mp3 was my first recorded ID from New Zealand, despite hearing 2YA-567 and 2YC-657 many times with sleep-inducing EZL music.
     John Bryant had already received all of these stations with an E100 hooked up to his 4-element Wellbrook Array, but I doubt that he had as much fun as I did, using a 7.5" slider loopstick at a picnic table :>)
                                     73,  Gary

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