Re: Movement of Files and Photos from Yahoo Site

Steve Ratzlaff

Hi Gary,

I can't access the old Yahoo ULR site; I get a message for "Manage Accounts" that doesn't tell me anything and has nothing to do with the ULR Yahoo group. It seems to think I'm "steveratz@..." which I've never been. So it appears I can't access Yahoo groups, or at least the ULR group, and any files I had there, which I certainly can't remember if I put anything there, will have to just go away and not get transferred. There was a lot of good FSL info that should be transferred but those are probably not early 2008 group files either.

It's a shame Yahoo is now causing trouble. Other I belong to never went through any of this to transfer from Yahoo. I did get a "sign up" message though, a day or two ago when things were first announced, and I dutifully joined that way; also which message I never got from previous migrations--previous ones just transferred all members automatically. So why Chuck Hutton isn't getting a "sign up" message, who knows.

Hopefully it all will get transferred eventually and no one will be "left behind", ha.

see ya.


On 1/7/2019 8:52 PM, Gary DeBock via Groups.Io wrote:
Thanks to those of you who have moved over to our new Groups io site.

As most of you are aware, Yahoo has instituted a new roadblock to prevent the automatic shifting of an entire group to Groups io. Because of this we are faced with the necessity of shifting the essential Ultralight Radio Group files from the Yahoo site over to Groups io on an individual basis. This process will take some time.

Since the Moderators of the group do not wish to "play favorites" by shifting over only a few of the files uploaded by others, we will give everyone an opportunity to shift over the files that they have previously uploaded to the Yahoo site, and consider essential. This includes photos, sound files and any other documents. The early 2008 Group files commissioned by John Bryant will be shifted over by the Moderators, as well as any personal files previously uploaded by the Moderators that they consider essential for posting in the new group.

Of course, this process is much different from the "seamless transfer" of an entire group from Yahoo to Groups io, but because of Yahoo's new roadblock we need to make such progress as we can, when we can. Speaking for the Moderators, we feel confident that these efforts will result in a very positive future!

Gary DeBock, Moderator

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