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Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

I'm almost within spitting distance of the Pacific Ocean but have
never really tried for any TP's. The problem is that staying up until
prime DX time messes up my body clock. Even on weekends I can't stay
up long enough. If I do I can't wake up well enough on Monday morning.
I have good radios; Sony ICF-2010 (stock), all three models of
Superadio, both Realistic TRF models, Radio Shack DX-398 (Sangean
ATS-909; a big disappointment) and a few more. I also have both the
Sony SRF-39FP and 59; both tweaked by Gary. I have a Select-a-Tenna,
which works well. I can't put up any outdoor antennas. I don't know if
I have much of a chance of hearing any exotic DX. I have three locals
(1290, 1340 and 1490) one mile away (all on the same tower!) but they
are relatively low power; none more than 1 KW.

I've always been impressed at the TA's you hear but don't know if I
have a chance of hearing anything spectacular from here with the
equipment I have.

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There is no substitute in this hobby for being right at the seashore.

Even though my home QTH is only 15 miles inland on some bearings, the
difference in signal strengths versus what I notice at coastal sites
such as my favorite DXpedition QTH at Granite Pier in Rockport, MA
(less than an hour's drive away) is phenomenal. At home I have have
heard maybe 2 or 3 Brazilian stations. At the shore, well over a
dozen ... even though I'm out there less than a tenth of one-percent
of the time I'm at home.

Some European, African, and Middle Eastern stations make it to the
house, even on Ultralights at times, but there is no comparison to
the greater variety and often monster-level strengths observed at top-
gun shore sites in Rockport, Rowley, Duxbury, Eastham, etc.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA, USA
15 miles / 24 km NW of Boston

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