Re: 738 Taiwan's Ragged Carrier Revealed in Perseus

Guy Atkins

Hi Gary,
Thanks for posting the MP3 of Taiwan's 738 audio as heard on your ultralight. Wow, I certainly haven't heard anything like that buzz on 738 over on this side of town! I'd suggest that maybe it's local QRM in your vicinity, but I know Bruce, Walt, and John have heard the buzzy audio too.
That's a possibility about Perseus being more immune to the noise, but the three guys mentioned above all have SDR receivers too. I don't think there's anything special about Perseus compared to Bruce's SDR-IQ or John's WinRadio that would cause the buzz to disappear or be "filtered out". The noise blanker in Perseus works well and has two effective blanking widths, but I rarely turn it on. The noise reduction control is used more often, but I know I haven't tried it on Taiwan 738.
Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA


Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 00:50:34 EDT
From: D1028Gary@...
Subject: [IRCA] 738 Taiwan's Ragged Carrier Revealed in Perseus
       Waterfall ...

Hi Guy,

Thanks very much for posting the photo of the Perseus' waterfall display of
 the 738-Taiwan "ragged carrier."

For some reason, the 738-Taiwan audio (on your Perseus  SDR) in the MP3
clip sounds much more normal than the typical  738-Taiwan audio received here
on the C.Crane SWP ultralight. Maybe the Perseus  filtering removes some of
the noisy components of the impaired signal. I posted  an MP3 of 738-Taiwan's
signal here this morning (of the same approximate signal  strength as your
MP3) in the Ultralightdx sound file  site, which includes a definite buzzing
sound in the background of the  Chinese conversation. This buzzing sound
doesn't show up on the other TP's,  except of course for the North Koreans.

73, Gary

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