Fiji-639 and Tonga-1017 Logged on 7.5" "Slider" Loopstick E100 at Grayland

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     The astonishing performance of the sensitivity and selectivity-enhanced Eton E100 (a joint project with Guy Atkins and John Bryant) has continued during a short DXpedition trip to Grayland, Washington.  With new loggings of Fiji, Tonga and Hawaii during a superb DX opening on July 31st, this compact Ultralight DXpedition wonder has again proven to be the breakthrough that serious transoceanic DXers were hoping for.
     Having a premium 455 kHz ceramic IF filter (the Murata CFJ455K5) recommended by Guy and an innovative "sliding coil" loopstick jointly developed with John, this tiny wonder has sensitivity and selectivity far out of proportion to its size.  With 5 Aussies, 3 Kiwis, Tonga, Fiji and Hawaii already logged on the 7.5" Amidon Loopstick model, Ultralight transoceanic DXing is suddenly looking very competitive indeed.
     John, Guy and I will shortly be providing articles on the development and evaluation of this modified E100, with the hope that other TP and TA-chasing DXers will feel motivated to create their own little Ultralight Transoceanic wonder.  Good luck, and get ready for a DXing thrill like no other!
                                                                                           73,  Gary DeBock

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