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There is no substitute in this hobby for being right at the seashore.

Even though my home QTH is only 15 miles inland on some bearings, the
difference in signal strengths versus what I notice at coastal sites
such as my favorite DXpedition QTH at Granite Pier in Rockport, MA
(less than an hour's drive away) is phenomenal. At home I have have
heard maybe 2 or 3 Brazilian stations. At the shore, well over a
dozen ... even though I'm out there less than a tenth of one-percent
of the time I'm at home.

Some European, African, and Middle Eastern stations make it to the
house, even on Ultralights at times, but there is no comparison to
the greater variety and often monster-level strengths observed at top-
gun shore sites in Rockport, Rowley, Duxbury, Eastham, etc.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA, USA
15 miles / 24 km NW of Boston

Great Work Allen....that puts you ONLY 42 COUNTRIES ahead of me!!!
HHAHHHHAHHA........If I live to be 185 I may catch you!!!! HAH!!

We're gonna have to go on DX-Peditions to Deserted Islands and start
up a you'll have something new to shoot for....


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