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robert ross

At 09:52 PM 7/31/2008, you wrote:

Good evening from the North Atlantic,

I have a new country and new station to report tonight that I just
heard on the SRF-39FP Ultralight, with a little fancy footwork and turning the radio to null out my local here in St. John's on 640 that
left a signal all alone on 630 by itself . These ultralights are sure
great at nulling a nearby signal. If any prospective newcomers are
reading this message and thinking of joining us in this fabulous hobby
of ultralight dxing a lot of nice surprises are in the airwaves using
these radios.

My log as follows: Country # 51 on the ultralights

630 khz - 8/1/08 1:21 UTC NRK 1 Vigra Norway w/ man interviewing a
woman about a novel she wrote, commentary in Norwegian ; good

Great Work Allen....that puts you ONLY 42 COUNTRIES ahead of me!!!
HHAHHHHAHHA........If I live to be 185 I may catch you!!!! HAH!!

We're gonna have to go on DX-Peditions to Deserted Islands and start up a you'll have something new to shoot for....


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