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I'll defer the response to your kind offer to Gary when he returns. He is really the one who keeps up with various models and contenders..... I have more than enough to say grace over handling the Firsts and Records plus part of the Awards program.... we are approaching 100 awards conferred in the first two weeks of the existence of the program :>)

After some more thinking, I may have spoken too quickly in reading the Definitions Committee's mind about Double Conversion being beyond the Pale in Ultralighting. I know that was discussed as one of the attributes of a "enthusiast radio," but on further thinking, it may not be a deal killer, like SSB is.  One other criteria that was discussed a great deal and largely followed was "commonly available" when recognized for Ultralight use.  That generally means a current model or recent past model... commonly available on ebay and the like. 

I note that the RP-F11 is discontinued..... There are none currently available on ebay and one sold in the past month.  I'm concerned about size, too.  You quoted measurements just within the 20 cu inches, Steve.... and yet the Specs on the Universal page that you referenced state a size far larger than Ultralight limits:

Speaker Size 3 Inch (77 mm)
Output Power 700 mW
Antenna System AM Ferrite bar and FM/SW telescopic whip
7.8 x 4.5 x 1.325 inches (198x116x34 mm)
Weight1.4 Lbs (630 g)

Looking at the pictures, if that is a 3" speaker, the Universal dimensions seem reasonable.  Are we talking about the same radio??? I'll bet I've made a model error some way.

A bit confused in Washington state :>)

John B.


At 11:26 PM 7/30/2008 +0000, you wrote:


Thanks for the clarification. I had printed out the definitions page
for personal reference. I saw the reference to "selectable IF filters"
but did not see any references to dual conversion (unless that means
the same thing).

I continue to be amazed by these UL radios. What used to take an
entire tabletop can now be put into your shirt pocket. Wow!

Again, thanks to you and to Gary who responded to my query about
the RP-F11.

Has anybody come forward with reviews of any of the radios listed on
the "Potential UltraLight Contenders" page? I have 5 of them - the
WRX911, the Tecsun R9702, the Degen DE312, the Tecsun DR-910, and
the Grundig 300. Not that I have tons of time to devote to writing the
reviews, but maybe I could do at least one or two of the group's "Most
Wanted" if you could let me know what they are ...


Steve N5WBI
Houston TX


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