Re: MW Image Discovered on E-100

Steve Ponder N5WBI <n5wbi@...>


Thanks for the clarification. I had printed out the definitions page
for personal reference. I saw the reference to "selectable IF filters"
but did not see any references to dual conversion (unless that means
the same thing).

I continue to be amazed by these UL radios. What used to take an
entire tabletop can now be put into your shirt pocket. Wow!

Again, thanks to you and to Gary who responded to my query about
the RP-F11.

Has anybody come forward with reviews of any of the radios listed on
the "Potential UltraLight Contenders" page? I have 5 of them - the
WRX911, the Tecsun R9702, the Degen DE312, the Tecsun DR-910, and
the Grundig 300. Not that I have tons of time to devote to writing the
reviews, but maybe I could do at least one or two of the group's "Most
Wanted" if you could let me know what they are ...


Steve N5WBI
Houston TX

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