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Carl DeWhitt

--- Kirk:
I think you will find a big change in what you will hear on a regular basis as i have here in Tn.I would say that 90 % of what i have logged here is different than what i would hear in Ponca City.
Carl DeWhitt
Maryville ,Tn.
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Somehow last night I got stuck on 970 khz. Even though the channel very much resembled a GY frequency, I was lucky enough to bag a couple of new stations for the ULR log here. All times/dates listed in UTC.

970, WERH, Hamilton, AL, 0920-0945, 9/5/09, The IDs on this one were so clear. Mainly playing C&W mx I believe. This freq was so congested it was pretty tough to follow who was doing what. Two very clear station IDs were heard at 0921 and then at 0930. Listed as daytime only, but obviously not last night. I think this one has been logged at night by some other DXers from time to time if I recall correctly.

970, WFLA, Tampa, FL, 0950-1000, 9/5/09, Very happy with this one. This one didn't hold in here very long (much like all the other stations I heard that I was trying to target). Pretty much all jabber and a nice pop up ID noted right before 1000. ULR Sta #649.

I'm leaving Oklahoma in about two weeks. I'll be going to Pasadena, TX because of some job ops down there. (Ponca City is a dying town with little to offer.) My two goals before leaving OK are to log 650 total ULR stations and 100 LAm stations. I miscounted the Latin stations yesterday. I need 3 more to make 100. If I've counted correctly on the overall stations logged, I need just 1 more to hit 650. Once I'm down in Pasadena, TX, I'll be starting over with my first ULR logging. I'm hoping there might be a few freqs open enough down there to help out with some of the XE's and other Latin stations. I've no idea what to expect as far as local pest stations are concerned down there. Hey Rob, I told you I wasn't going to be catching you on total stations logged. No way can I hit 31 more stations in less than two weeks! It's finally college football season, and I'm ready for that!! Go Sooners!!
¡Tenga a un gran chavos del fin de semana!

Kirk Allen
Ponca City, OK
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