loggings on SRF-M37V

Allen Willie

  Pre-sunrise Dxing this morning with the SRF-37V yielded a couple of catches.
Jul 30/08 - 1650 khz - 6:30 UTC  KWHN - Fort Smith, Arkansas w/ newstalk radio.com and ID  by man ; fair (My first Arkansas station on ultralights State # 21)
Jul 30/08 - 1200 khz - 5:50 UTC - Unidentified w/ spanish or portugeuse vocals and island type music; fair
Any ideas guys on the 1200 khz ? , usually I only hear WOAI or CFGO Ottawa here on 1200. The mystery station was in and out for about 20 minutes but no ID heard, anyone else in the Northeast hear this last night ?
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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