Re: Quality Control for the SRF-59

Gary DeBock

Hi John,
     There is a notorious quality control issue with new SRF-59's, which has been well documented since November.  The main problem is sloppy AM-band alignment at the Chinese factories, which makes the typical new SRF-59 less sensitive than the engineers designed.
     I have performed about 50 free SRF-59 alignments for various hobbyists in an effort to correct this problem, and would be happy to align yours also, if you can send it to Gary DeBock, P.O. Box 1313, Puyallup, WA 98371 (with $5 return postage).  The typical SRF-59 gains a major improvement in AM performance, once this alignment is performed.
     Our family is taking a 3-day vacation to Grayland, WA starting today, but feel free to send your package anytime, even if I can't respond by email temporarily.
                                73,  Gary DeBock 

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