Re: MW Image Discovered on E-100

Gary DeBock

Hello Steve,
     The Sangean DT-200V, DT-200VX and new DT-400W models have exceptional image rejection, and it is unlikely that you will ever hear images on stock units.  The only way I was able to hear an image on one was to hot-rod a DT-200VX with a 6.25" loopstick, making it sensitive enough to hear a weak image of my local 1450 pest on 550 (IF is 450 kHz).
    The E100 has no such image protection, and it readily produces images of strong locals 910 kHz below their fundamental frequencies (IF of 455 kHz).  The SRF-T615 and SRF-M37V both have images twice their 450 kHz IF's, as do the DT-210V and DT-180V models.
     The only image-proof (at least on MW) Ultralights are the Sony CXA1129N family of analog AM-FM portables...  the SRF-59, SRF-39FP, SRF-49, etc.  Their unique mixing scheme makes it impossible to produce images on MW frequencies-- even with monster loopsticks.  They are also generally resistant to overload-- except with monster loopsticks  :>)
                                                                         73,  Gary 

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