MW Image Discovered on E-100

Steve Ponder <n5wbi@...>

This evening while going through the MW band on my E-100,
I discovered an image of my local SS station on 1480 kHz
showing up on 570 kHz (2 x 455 kHz + 570 kHz = 1480 kHz).

This image did not show up on either my Sangean DT-400W or
my Sangean DT-200V. I did not try my Sony SRF-M37V.

I have noticed this before with my Radio Shack DX-399 (a
rebadged Sangean ATS-606AP) and my Grundig YB-305.

Does the circuitry of the DT-400W and the DT-200V use a
different IF frequency?

Just curious ...

Thanks & 73,

Steve N5WBI
Houston TX

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