Dear folks,


My Grundig G6 is identical in size to the E100. That it has ssb apparently disqualifies it as an ultralight...perhaps this can be reconsidered. In any case, it is a tad less sensitive (daytime testing) than the E100, but even more selective. At night, the selectivity really stands out. Stations 10KHz away from a local come in with ease; on 1500KHz, for example, I can listen 10 KHz away from a local on 1490 KHz practically all 360 degrees of a circle instead of on a limited sweep of the circle via nulling (the Sangean DT200VX, in contrast,cannot even discern the presence of a station on 1500 KHz under the slop from the local on 1490 KHz on any part of the 360 sweep). The G6 has the same 1KHz display inaccuracy...to tune in, say, 1310 KHz, one would tune in 1311 KHz on the G6. There are some nuisance tones that appear on an occasional frequency...740 KHz, for example on mine...at night, these tones are much more in the background. At night, due to it's selectivity, it is a lot of fun to tune around. Last night, I got both coasts from Laredo, TX: KNX 1070 KHz, Los Angeles, and WBZ 1030 KHz, Boston. Due to it's selectivity, I would imagine that it would be a candidate for modifications (Gary!!!)

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