Re: Sony ICF-SW7600GR 7.5" Loopstick Mod Completed

Gary DeBock

John and Others,
     The Amidon 7.5" loopstick modification for the ICF-SW7600GR is simple and straightforward, even for those hobbyists with limited technical ability.  A detailed file with "Heathkit-like instructions" should be prepared shortly, including turn counts, part sources, and photos.
     As far as using parts of the builders' levels as PVC mounting frames for the loopsticks, John, the original idea was to have a black and orange color system for all the "monster" loopsticks, in accordance with their scary, Halloween-like appearance.  Orange builder levels match perfectly with the black Amidon bars, and they are very lightweight, fully insulating, waterproof, and even somewhat shock-absorbing.  Who could ask for more?  :>)
                                   73,  Gary 

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