Re: My Eton E-100 from Canada Arrived!

Gary DeBock

Hello Steve,

     I'm very happy that your Eton E100 arrived in good condition, and we are sure that you'll have lots of great fun with it.  In both stock and modified form, it has provided lots of DX excitement for many Ultralight enthusiasts.

     In order to avoid any possible confusion, however, the Durham Radio $44 special for the Eton E100 was made by agreement with's administrator, Colin Newell (not with me, Gary DeBock).  Although I have been dubbed an "honorary Canadian" by master Ultralight DXer Rob Ross of London, Ontario, my association with has been the same as that enjoyed by all deeply-appreciative Ultralight-radio fanatics living south of the Canadian border.

     Good luck with your E100, Steve!

                                                               73,  Gary 

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You are going to love that radio!!! Congratulations.

John Bryant

At 04:37 PM 7/28/2008 -0500, you wrote:

My Eton E-100 from "The Shortwave Store" in Canada arrived,
safe and sound, this past Saturday! Even after reading the
reviews of the radio and seeing pictures of it on various
websites, I was still amazed at just how small the radio
really is. Sure fits the description of an "ultralight!"

Not a bad price, either! Less than half the list price,
thanks to a special from Gary DeBock of

One minor problem, though - the 2 AA batteries that came
with the radio (Eton brand) had started to corrode. But,
thankfully, they were still in the shrink-wrap and didn't
damage anything inside the box. AND, there were 2 new
AA alkaline batteries taped to the outside of the box, so
I came out okay!

Haven't had any time to do anything with the radio other
than to put the new batteries in, set the time, and check
out the controls to see if they work.

I'm hoping to have some time later this week to test the
radio, do some bandscans, etc. We'll see.

73 & Great DX!

Steve N5WBI
Houston TX

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