August 23rd ULR TP Loggings - Yachats, OR

Guy Atkins

This morning was overall worse than previous ones this week, with very few TPs stronger than poor to fair. The conditions turned DU (except for 972 China) just before the band faded completely (1325-1330 UTC). I have yet to hear some of the 9 kHz stations that others like Gary, Walt, and John are reporting: 639 Fiji, 738 Tahiti, and 612 Brisbane. This is probably due to the limitations of using the portable ULRs without benefit of an antenna like a large air core loop or inductively coupled full-size antenna. I heard a lot of hets on 9 kHz channels that never resolved into audio this morning.
Splatter from the domestics was really, really bad today. Maybe this is an impression due to TP/DU propagation being poorer? I have a hard time believing that the local/regional station levels vary much day to day.
As before, the receivers used were Gary DeBock's hotrod E100 with Amidon 7.5" slider ferrite antenna and metal-cased Murata filter, and my Kchibo D96L with fixed-coil Amidon 7.5" rod (external). Thanks for the loan of your Eton, Gary! It's been really interesting comparing the two radios. On weaker signals I started using the D96L as a spotter receiver since it doesn't need any peaking, and then turned to the E100 for the last erg of sensitivity. Many times, though, I preferred the audio clarity of the D96L's filters over the E100 Murata, even when the E100 was detuned by 1 kHz.
567 JAPAN JOIK Sapporo, probably the one with threshold audio that sounded JJ. Signal nulled toward the Northwest, same as all other Japanese stations logged. Poor level at 1235.
594 JAPAN JOAK Tokyo, weak JJ talk by male at 1253.
693 JAPAN JOAB Tokyo, struggling with threshold JJ audio at 1312. Seemed parallel to 747.
702 AUSTRALIA 2BL Sydney, threshold English audio at 1316, then down into the noise. Presumed.
738 AUSTRALIA 2NR Grafton, good level suddenly at 1314, with sports scores in English read by male.
747 JAPAN JOIB Sapporo, just a het at 1250; improved to imagination audio at 1320.
774 JAPAN JOUB Akita, weak to fair audio in JJ at 1256.
828 JAPAN JOBB Osaka, weak signal in JJ with male and female announcers at 1257.
972 SOUTH KOREA HLCA, weak and intermittent signal of Korean language at 1259; time pips at 1300 then orchestral music and presumed ID-- buried in 970 splatter.
972 CHINA UNID - Xinjiang RGD? Fluctuating, but strong on peaks at 1322 with two announcers in Chinese and singing by female. Definitely not HLCA at this time.
1134 JAPAN JOQR Tokyo, poor to fair with music and JJ talk at 1304.
1287 JAPAN JOHR Sapporo, poor signal of JJ talk by two male announcers at 1307.
1566 SOUTH KOREA HLAZ Cheju, weak signal of Christian worship music at 1253.
1575 THAILAND VOA Ayutthaya, in listed Khmer with male announcer. Fair to good at 1308.
Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA
DXing from Yachats, OR

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