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Yep, it has SSB, had to look for the function. All in a footprint about the size of a pack of cigarettes. The G6 just buries the G8 when it comes to nulling and audio recovery.

Whats overseas DX? :-) Been so long that any made it here....

WRT DX'ing from sea... The steel hulls would ruin any nulling effects. Am hoping to back to the Carribbean after Oct 1. We were on an island that had a population of about 200. There were areas 10 miles away from the end of the power lines on the east side of the Island that would be great.

Turned in a couple loggings from Turks and Caicos after the helo dropped us off and we were waiting for our commercial flight home.


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Thanks for your note during your trip to Universal Radio... sorry
that I wasn't there.

From what I've heard, the G6 is a really fine radio. You ought to
have a lot of fun with it. If I remember correctly, the G6 has SSB
capabilities. If that is the case, I believe that it is the radio
that the Definitions Committee ruled out of bounds as an "enthusiast"
grade rather than an "entertainment grade" radio. While SSB would be
of some (marginal?) help dodging IBOC noise for domestic DXers, SSB
is a HUGE advantage, as I'm sure you know, when going after the overseas DX.

Just like QRP, the definition of "Ultralight" is an artificial one,
but necessary for giving out awards and keeping Records and Firsts,
so the Committee focused on "entertainment grade" as a defining
concept. As far as I know, there are few, if any, entertainment
broadcasts in SSB mode.

Say, do you ever get out to sea? (Among other things, Chuck is an
officer in the US Coast Guard.) With you and Nick Hall-Patch
deploying on seaborne scientific trips, and Rob Ross and others going
on Cruise junkets, maybe we ought to found an awards section for
"Ultralighting Afloat!"

John Bryant
Orcas Island, WA, USA
Winradio G313e and various Ultralights
Wellbrook Phased Array + Superloops

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Grabbed a G6 along with a G8 during my last trip to Universal and am
pleasently suprised with the performance of the G6 Avaitor, "Buzz
Aldrin" edition.

Nulls well although I am using it tonight with a very small loop,
have snagged 3 stations on 600 in about an hour. Actually, my
initial reaction is that it hears better than the physically larger
G8. Have not heard any overload, spurs or "chugging" when changing
frequency. The red backlit display complete with strength meter is
kind to the eyes.

More later..

Chuck Rippel

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