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Carl DeWhitt

--- I also have a way to go before i have Rob's problem.Only 6 ULRs here.They are 2 Sony SRF 59s,a Sony SRF-M37V and SRF-M37W,Eton E-100 and the Grundig G-8.I will probably be adding a Kchibo D96L to the mix soon.
Carl DeWhitt
Maryville ,Tn
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Hi Guys:

When the ULR Craze first hit back in Late 2007........I had only 1 ULR
Radio..that being a trusty little SONY SRF-59 that was sent to me as a
gift by the Grandfather of ULR Dxing...Gary DeBock. It wasn't hard to
store the just sat wherever I last used it....until I was
ready to DX with it again.

Then Gary discovered that the Guys in the Penitentiary had been DXing
with something called "The Prison Radio"....aka as the SONY SRF-39....a
Clear Plastic Cased set that was much easier to tune than the of course I had to get one of those as well. Actually I
got 3 of them.....just in case one of them died!! Along the way I picked
up a couple more SRF-59's too. So now I had a handful of these little

Along comes the ETON E-100 a Digital Readout set with a lot better
features than the little Sonys. So of course I picked up one of those as
well. Then the West Coast Mafia of ULR DXing discovered that you could
attach a "Slider Coil Ferrite Rod" to the E-100 to make it even better.
So.......after begging and pleading Electronics Ignorance....Gary and
John Bryant built me an E-100 SLIDER....which I affectionately named the
"FRANKENSTEINER". This one is mounted on a board...and definitely won't
fit in your pocket.

I guess Gary figured that I still had some money left that I hadn't
spent so he went out and discovered a bunch of New ULRs....that had
surfaced in the first year of ULR DXing. The Sangeans, The Tecsuns, The
Grundig, the get the picture. I was having so much playing
and DXing with these Little ULRs....that I was not conscious to the fact
that I was assembling a "STABLE" of Tiny Pocket Receivers.

I had them laying everywhere........In the Family Room, In the
Bedroom....even in the Bathroom!! HAHHAHHA......

As I type this message, I now have 19 Radios that qualify as bona fide
ULR's. Wait a minute....did I say 19 ULR's?????? Yup....I did. And
what's worse..there are some of you out there who most likely have MORE
THAN THAT!!! Right????
Back in the 1980's and 1990's I was Huge Collector of Antique Radios and
Microphones, and Tubes, and Communications Receivers....and pretty much
everything associated to OLD Radios! That included 1950's and 1960's
Pocket Transistor Radios from Japan, Europe and USA. At the peak I
owned almost 500 Pocket Transistors from the 50's and 60's. Had a lot of
fun collecting them too.....some were Mint New in the Box...others were
beat to %$#@...but were still very cool. Some worked.....some didn't
.,...but it didn't matter....they were all little works of art from a
long gone era.

About 10 years ago I decided to thin out my collections of Radio
"Stuff"....and all the Pocket Transistors were sold over a number of
years to make room and $$$ for other interests. Little did I know that
the Little buggers would come back to haunt me in the form of ULR Radio!! make a Long Story even longer........I now find myself
with an ever growing "Collection" of Pocket Transistors
again.......except all of these work real well...and are technically
leaps and bounds ahead of the 1950's Transistors.

I'm a hopeless case when it comes to collecting Radios.......and I know
before long I will have 30 of these crazy little Pocket Rockets....and
who knows where it will end. As well as being hopeless in my collecting
........I am also generally a very organized person..and believe
everything must have it's own place.

That's where the "Storage" part of this message comes in. Instead of
having them laying all over the place.......I wanted to have a way of
keeping them in one place......out of the way.....yet close at hand and
easy to get at when I want them. I spoke to my wife who is a very good
Crafts person....and can make pretty well anything whether it's Sewn,
Knitted, Quilted, Built, Put together, or whatever it takes. I asked her
what I could use to solve my dilemma. She advised me she could make
something for me to hang on a door...with individual pockets for each
radio. It would hang on a door and be out of the way. All of the radios
would be right there in "ONE PLACE"....and it wouldn't take up any
room...the footprint would be virtually invisible. She also advised me
that even though she could make this ULR Holder for best bet
would be to go to a store here in London, Ontario called "Solutions".
They sell virtually every kind of "Storage" container, Holder,
Organizational System you could possibly envision. They had a Canvas
Shoe holder with just the Pockets she had described.......enough pockets
to hold 12 Pairs of shoes......or 24 ULR RADIOS!! VOILA! That solves the
problem for the First 24 ULR's anyway!! The Price was was
$15.99 on very well made and looks great. It is made of Cream
Coloured Canvas. If I get more ULR's...I know where to get another
one.....and it can hang on the other side of the door in my Radio Shack.
Not only do I have the 19 ULR's all resting in their own little pocket
........I have a few pockets left over for Cases, EarBuds, and other ULR

I'm sure every major City has a store similar to the "SOLUTIONS" store
here in London. They had several different styles of Shoe Holders...but
this 24 Pocket model gave the most bang for the buck...and solved my
"Where the Heck do I keep all these things dilemma".

I'm sure there are other ways to store ULR's...Boxes, Drawers, Cabinets,
and of course "All over the place" I was previously doing!! This
works for me........your mileage my vary!!

I'll take a digital photo of this thing...and see if I can figure out
how to Post it in the Files you can see how it looks.........

If anyone else has a better idea how to store ULR's when "Not" using
them...please let us know......


Robert S. Ross VA3SW
London, Ontario CANADA

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