Re: Semi OT: Cutting Ferrite Bars?

Guy Atkins


Of the few links I spotted with info on this topic, this one was the most

Diamond blade cutting with lots of coolant seems to be the key. You don't
want to heat up the ferrite rod in the process, which will change its "Q"
and inductive properties.

73, Guy

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From: John H. Bryant bjohnorcas@...
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 11:55:36 -0700
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Subject: [ultralightdx] Semi OT: Cutting Ferrite Bars?

In the work that Gary DeBock, Guy Atkins and I are doing with mods to
the E100, I've run up against the need to reduce the length of the
stock ferrite bar by half.

Has anybody ever done this successfully??? Have you ever heard rumors
of someone doing this successfully? HOW????

I seem to remember that Ferrite is actually a ceramic product. Is
this true? If so, I just happen to have a professional tile cutters
say, water-cooled, with a diamond blade. Ideas, comments? Prayers
for the intrepid?


John B.
Orcas Island, WA, USA
Rcvrs: WiNRADiO 313e, Eton e1, Ultralights
Antennas: Two 70' x 100' Conti Super Loops, West and Northwest

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