Re: New E-Skip Loggings 7/22/08


FM DXers would certainly benefit from something equivalent to the
spectrum-capturing receivers such as the Perseus and RFSpace SDR-IQ
that are all the rage with serious AM broadcast band DXers.

Of course that technology presently strains at the storage of 800 kHz
of bandwidth, so grabbing any significant chunk of the FM band for
later analysis will require a quantum leap in receiver, PC, and hard
drive capabilities.

I'm sure the NSA has stuff like this already, but it will be quite a
while before Joe Ham does.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

I dunno. I just can't bring myself to use an ultralight when the Es
is in for FM DX. Gotta milk the opening for every station you can
and that usually means the top shelf radios. I got in on the Es from
yesterday and bagged 9 new stations from Oklahoma, Tennessee,
Missouri and Arkansas, but I used the car radio since these things
always happen when I'm at lunch.

Using an ultralight during a strong tropo opening might be more
interesting since you aren't under the same time constraints as you
are with short-lived Es. You have to play around when the tropo is
in, unlike when the Es is in.

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE
Proud daddy of twin SRF59s

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