Re: DEGEN DE1123 -does any group member have one of these

Carl DeWhitt

--- After reading some reviews of this, after my previous post, from,
I may go for the C.C. Witness instead of the Degen.It has more recording and storage capacity,a timer for overnight unattended recording and has good AM sensitivity( according to a few reveiews i read on Amazon) . A big plus is it definetly does have a line in jack for recording from external sources.Yes,it is quite a bit pricier.But it sounds as if it is worth it.The Witness got all good reviews.However the Degen got some bad reviews along with some good ones.One big minus is that it(the Degen) has no timer.
Carl DeWhitt
Maryville ,Tn.

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The DEGEN DE1123 is available on E-Bay for 59.99 with free shipping via UPS ground.It is a DSP SW,MW and Fm radio with a 1 GB MP3 player and recorder.This is considerably cheaper than the C.C. Witness from C.Crane Company .I am wondering if any one in the group has one of these and if they could give me their opinion of it.I am interested in an MP3 player/recorder that i can connect to an ultralight and record my ULR catches.Having a DSP radio added in may be a plus .The C.C. Witness has a line in for recording from external sources. Does the DEGEN DE1123 ?
I am not sure.If it does i may order this rather than the C.C. Witness which is over 3 times the price.
Carl DeWhitt
Maryville, Tn.

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