Re: What is best method for recording DX from an ULR?


How is the Sony ICD-UX70 MP3 stereo recorder on batteries ? Also how
is Kevin's Olympus recorder (model # ?) in this respect ?

Short battery life has been a complaint with the Pogo Radio YourWay
and Edirol recorders popular among DXpeditioners.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA


Hi Richard,

I've gone the minidisc route in the past. I've pretty much gotten
away from it due to the noise that
all my MD recorders create on AM. This year, I'm trying a combination
of the Sangean DT-200VX ultralight radio and Sony ICD-UX70 MP3 stereo
recorder. The Sony recorder weighs less than 2 oz., has 1GB memory,
records at 128 kbps stereo and has a line-in jack that can
intelligently take either an external microphone or the line out
direct from the radio - no transformers or impedance adapters needed.
I plug a stereo splitter from Radio Shack into the headphone jack of
the radio and run my headphones out of one side and a stereo patch
cable to the Sony out of the other.

The Sony is absolutely the perfect mini-DX recorder - it auto-names
the files including the date, and has a USB
plug to transfer the recorded MP3 files to the computer directly from
the recorder. All I have to do is
write down the order of the recordings and I can match the times and
frequencies up later.

The Sony introduces a little noise on AM but if I separate it from
the radio by a foot or two of cable, and
move it with respect to the antenna, the noise drops to almost

Brett Saylor

On Sun, Jul 20, 2008 at 11:53 AM, bbwrwy <richarda@...> wrote:

I have a question or two on recording DX from a ULR.

I realize the recorder has to share the receiver's audio output with
the headphones. But how do you handle the impedance mismatch between
the receiver and recorder?

In keeping with our ultralight theme, do you prefer a mini-disc or
solid-state digital recorders over cassette tape? Does anyone have
any recommendations in this area? Thus far I leaning toward a
mini-disc recorder which I understand is already obsolete.

Thanks for the help.

Richard N. Allen,
DXing since 1960.

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