Re: future of Mexican AM bleak ?


First, let me say I've never considered Popular Communications a good source of information. But I have read the current issue which didn't have much to contribute. It devoted more words to the history of Mexican broadcasting than the present situation.

Second, the plan to convert Mexican AM stations to FM has been around for awhile. Yet, as far I hear it hasn't much affected the number of Mexican stations broadcasting.

The future of AM is bleak worldwide. Eventually it will as extinct as the Dodo bird. It's part of the world's evolutionary cycles. Most likely it will outlast the majority reading this. I say enjoy it while you can. For now there are still lots of Mexican AM stations to log and enjoy.

Centuries from now an archeologist will find a radio log book buried in a dig somewhere igniting a controversy about what it means to humankind. At least I hope so.

Best wishes and do some DXing this weekend.

Richard Allen
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