Re: Trafind China e mail response


Re DPmega, same here. Recommended. 1 week to get to Aus.


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I've had good success with both sellers as well. I mentioned it to say that the ecrater seller seems to be trying hard to provide good service.

I did have one problem transaction with Liypn last year. I had ordered a Redsun RP2100. After a month had passed with no radio, I contacted Liypn. Ends up the radio was out of stock and Liypn didn't know it. It appears that Liypn didn't actually have the radios he sells with him, and the agent that actually did the shipping failed to let him know that the RP2100 was out of stock. Liypn did refund the money and was very pleasant to work with. I would purchase from him again. I never did get around to ordering another RP2100 when they were back in stock, as I decided that I have enough large portables (mostly vintage Panasonics and Sonys).


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