Re: Article Now Available: Building and Operating the Digital SRF-39


very interesting read on your progress on the updated version of the
srf39 and a digital display.

i'm interested in where you got the vernier and which version of the
AADE display versions did you buy? it appears we would need to ask
Neil to modify one for us.

i found a vernier at ocean state electronics that is similar but is
4:1 ratio in 180 degrees rotation at $15 plus shipping. your article
sort of implied that a higher ratio may be desirable?

i'm still looking for some srf39's or may open up one of my 59's to
see whats involved with using it. the picture i found on the web shows
the tuning cap with the gear and knob removed leaving a shaft with
flats on it that may lend itself to connection to a vernier in a
different way than the 39

thank you for the write up and any other help you can pass on.

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