Re: Kchibo D96L Interior Photos and Replacement Loop Tests

Guy Atkins

Hi Kevin,

The wires to the ferrite loop in the D96L didn't look very accessible when the PCB was still in place. However, there's some slack in the leads and some careful prodding might be able to pull the excess length outside the assembly for clipping. I personally think this is more risky than the easy solder joints and four screws to fully remove the board...but maybe it's because I'm already comfortable with a modest level of electronics rework.


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Hey Guy - that is great news, so thanks for doing surgery. Since the D92L was apparently not amenable to an big external ferrite, this makes the D96L more desirable.

When I had the lid off of the D92L, I could see the two ferrite wires under the board, and I could have snipped them and left the wire attached to the board, with a little stub of the thin stock Litz sticking out. I then could have simply soldered the Amidon coil's wires to the stubs, rather than taking the radio apart and removing the stock wire from the board and installing new Litz directly from the Amidon coil. Could this be done with the D96L (i.e., could the snip-and-solder be accomplished)? For those of with limited tech skills, that would facilitate doing the mod a wwhhoollee lot easier.


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