Re: wznz 1460

Gary DeBock

Hello Richard,

Congratulations on your loggings of WZnZ-1460 and KSCO-1080.
It's always fun to log stations on both coasts.

Your report reminded me of my most exciting domestic logging
ever-- a bizarre sunset skip logging of KFWB-980 in Los Angeles
(5,000w at the time) as a 20-year old Navy sailor in Mayport, FL (in
1973), using a Sony TR-6400 portable. From that time on, I have
always tried to DX near the ocean, hi.

73, Gary

- In ultralightdx@..., Richard Berler <lrdheat@...> wrote:

Something of a record for me...I have heard both coasts via
relatively modest 5 KW stations on my SRF-59 over the past 2 nights.:
Wed night-1080 KHz KSCO Santa Cruz, CA (KRLD 1080 50 KW off the
Thur night-1460 KHZ WZNZ Jacksonville, FL
I am in Laredo, TX
Richard "Heatwave" Berler

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