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robert ross

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4)  Eton E100   With a built-in whip antenna and more memories than you'll ever need, it provides FM reception fairly similar to that of the DT-200VX, although the reception can be improved dramatically by placing the whip antenna next to a decent FM external antenna lead-in wire.

Gary.....I can confirm what you say about placing the whip closer to an External Antenna on the E-100 Model.

While I was on my Cruise 2 weeks ago....I did a lot of FM DX'ing with the Eton E-100 out on the Balcony of our room, late at night. I found that by Laying the Whip Antenna up against the METAL RAILING of the balcony on the ship...the signals I was receiving were easily Doubled in Strength!! I think if one could attach the whip to a Good FM a location with few locals to avoid would be able to haul in some pretty good FM DX with this little ULR Radio!!!!


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