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3)  Sangean DT-200VX   This black colored-model has great FM-DX capabilities, using circuitry apparently identical to the DT-400W, but Sangean has either improved the alignment or components in the new 400W model, providing a shade more FM sensitivity (at least in my review model).  Otherwise, the performance is identical to the above 400W description, with decent capabilities for both AM and FM DXing.  It retails for $49.99 from Amazon, with free shipping.

*** Realizing there is often a lot of unit-to-unit variation, I have to say that my DT200VX is quite different from whatever Gary tested. It does have decent sensitivity, but its selectivity, which is perhaps more important if you're DX'ing from any heavily-populated area, is very much average, as is its ability to deal with IBOC hiss.

I should also point out that the non-Ultralight Sony 2010 is as bad in both departments. Although there is an article out there dealing with replacing the IF filters with narrower ones, it's written by a Japanese who either had somewhat limited English or else the translator had. And worse yet, neither the article nor the 2010 manual is at all clear on just where these filters are physically located. The individual who rebuilt the one I now have was adept enough on the AM and SW side but also had no clue about the FM filters...

I haven't yet had the time to fully test out my SRF-59 on FM, and in fact have spent so little time on that I'm not even going to venture an opinion at this point.

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