Re: E100 Alignment Notes + Stuff


When I mentioned E100 sensitivity improved when the antenna was moved
away from the receiver, I was referring to the ferrite rod not the
whip. I had already dispensed with the whip. I'm sorry for any

It appears the receiver's sensitivity can be improved by simply
removing the ferrite rod antenna to the top of the case. It should be
possible to move it there without clipping the wires, passing them
through a small hole. I definitely observed an improvement when it
was separated from the circuit board. I imagine using better ferrite
material would result in improved sensitvity. But then it might mean
an increase in side-band slop from local stations.

This morning, I compared the aligned receiver with a newer factory
aligned E100. The one I aligned was a tad better throughout the band.

Richard Allen,
DXing since 1960.

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