Re: E100 Alignment Notes + Stuff

Gary DeBock

Hello Richard,
     There are a couple of issues related to the stock E100 loopstick, which adversely affect low-band performance.  First of all, the folded SW whip antenna runs parallel to the loopstick with very little separation, causing a significant AM signal loss whenever the whip antenna is folded down.  Simply moving the whip antenna into a vertical position usually improves AM sensitivity (or better yet, remove it completely if you don't need the SW or FM capabilities).
     Secondly, the thin, flat design of the E100 loopstick is extremely skimpy on ferrite, making low-band reception modest at best.  I have aligned about 7 E100's, and none of them ever came close to the SRF-T615 in low-band sensitivity.  The E100 stock loopstick just doesn't have enough ferrite to do the job on low-band DX (although it is usually an outstanding performer on high band).
     Serious hot-rodders have obtained booming results by replacing the skimpy stock loopstick with an Amidon 7.5" x .5" ferrite bar, containing a single "sliding coil" peaking system.  This simple antenna has proven sensitive enough to receive multiple AM stations in Australia and New Zealand recently.
                                                                                            73,  Gary 

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