Committee Announces New Ultralight MW DXing Awards Program

Gary DeBock

The Ultralight DXing Awards Committee is pleased to announce a new and on-going Awards Program for the Ultralight MW DXing Community.  The Program is unique in several respects; first, it is the only Awards Program that is restricted to MW DXing accomplishments achieved with commonly available, inexpensive, entertainment-grade "Ultralight" pocket radios.  Secondly, the program is totally web-based.  Applications for awards are accepted by e-mail only and award certificates that are suitable for framing are distributed to the recipients as printable digital image files.  Thirdly, these certificates feature digitally re-mastered images of some of the most remarkable radio art from the first decade of broadcast radio.
The comprehensive Ultralight DX Awards Program features awards at various levels for Stations Heard, U.S. States Heard, Canadian Provinces Heard, Latin American Stations Heard, Trans-Atlantic Stations Heard, Trans-Pacific Stations Heard, Countries Heard and Continents Heard.  In each category, when a DXer reaches beyond what is normally considered high achievement, special "Master DXer" certificates are awarded;  for instance, in the Stations Heard category, certificates are available for stations heard at the 100, 200, 300, etc. station levels.  At 500 stations heard on an Ultralight receiver, an extraordinary achievement, a "Master Ultralight DXer Award" is conferred.
A complete description of the Ultralight DX Awards Program is available for download from the Ultralight Files area at or directly from Rob Ross of the Awards Committee at va3sw@...
If you have yet to experience the renewed thrill of DXing with an inexpensive Ultralight receiver, we invite you to share the excitement and satisfaction that comes from success in pocket radio DX.  Emphasizing DXing skill and knowledge over equipment innovation, Ultralight Radio DXing brings special rewards in proportion to the special challenges-- and has restored the original thrill of AM DXing to many radio enthusiasts.  The Ultralight Files area of has an extensive set of information and resources on the many aspects of Ultralight Radios, and enthusiasts' activities.  We hope you will accept the challenge, join in the fun, and share in the rewards!
The Ultralight DX Awards Committee:  Gary DeBock,  Rob Ross and John Bryant 

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