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Sorry, I've been outta town and then weekend house guests have thrown me way behind in e-mail.  I have no idea what the problem is with speaker audio on your E-100.... beats me.  On dealing with the ferrite loopstick and its coil, Gary DeBock and I approach things just a bit differently.  We both use No.11 blades in Exacto knives. Gary is generally able to remove enough wax by careful scraping, with the bar in place, to loosen the coil and peak it up on 600... )and yes, you can use any weak station in the 550 to 700 kHz. area... the closer to the standard 600, the better, but its pretty forgiving.)

The difference between Gary's approach and mine is that I always first prise the bar out of its retainer clips..  I don't unsolder the wires, just prise the bar out of its clips and lay it atop the circuit board.  The bar is held in the clips with just a bit of some brown glue similar to strong rubber cement.  I remove as much of that as is easily possible and then carefully work the bar up and out with the Exacto. I just find it easier to free up that coil if I have more room to work.  Usually, all you need do is remove the surface wax and give the coil a firm push with a small blunt object and its free. However, on one of my E100s the wax pot must have been turned up on high and the wax was too fluid.... It ran clear under the length of the coil on one side and about half way on the other.... between the coil and the surface of the bar.  With the bar lifted up where I could really get at it, I took the Exacto blade out of the handle, held it flat against the surface of the bar and slowly forced it under the coil.  That eventually freed things up.

By the way, the buttons are pretty well marked on the circuit board, so once you get the batteries back in your naked E100, its pretty easy to turn it on and change the frequencies during alignment.

Hope this helps, Richard!

John B.
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At 03:51 PM 7/14/2008 +0000, you wrote:

I don't think I'll have any difficulty aligning the E100. I peeked
inside and it's less daunting than the Grundig Satellit 500 I'm
currently working on. Tecsun did a good job designing the little

I do have questions however. What's the best way to remove the excess
wax holding the movable coil on the ferrite rod? I'm guessing it's
scraped away with something like an Exacto knife. Is that correct?

Since I don't have an audible daytime station on 600 kHz, is it all
right to use either 590 or 610?

If I goof up, I have a backup E100 available. From the outside it
appears to be from a different (later) production run. Already the
sound through the speaker of the first E100 has become distorted. I
have no idea how to fix that problem. Luckily, the audio is OK
through headphones.

Thanks all.

Richard Allen
DXing since 1960.

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