Re: E100 Notes + Stuff


I don't think I'll have any difficulty aligning the E100. I peeked
inside and it's less daunting than the Grundig Satellit 500 I'm
currently working on. Tecsun did a good job designing the little

I do have questions however. What's the best way to remove the excess
wax holding the movable coil on the ferrite rod? I'm guessing it's
scraped away with something like an Exacto knife. Is that correct?

Since I don't have an audible daytime station on 600 kHz, is it all
right to use either 590 or 610?

If I goof up, I have a backup E100 available. From the outside it
appears to be from a different (later) production run. Already the
sound through the speaker of the first E100 has become distorted. I
have no idea how to fix that problem. Luckily, the audio is OK
through headphones.

Thanks all.

Richard Allen
DXing since 1960.

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