Re: digital display for $10.00

Gary DeBock

Hello Russ,
     Both the DT-200VX and the Eton E100 typically could use some tweaking out of the box, a fact that we didn't know so well back in January. Even when aligned (which involves significant disassembly on both units), these digital models typically favor either high or low band in sensitivity, but not both.  The SRF-59/39FP models have more broad-banded sensitivity, which is almost certainly related to the different way that analog and digital "front ends" process incoming RF signals.
     After considering how to solve this problem on the E100, the "sliding coil" loopstick was created (almost jointly, by John Bryant and me).  This solves the lack of digital broadband sensitivity by "aligning" the loopstick on each selected frequency--  thereby making the modified E100 far more sensitive than the stock unit.
                                                                                                    73,  Gary       

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