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Ron and Others,
     I had the chance to view John's SRF-39FP digital display (from in action, this week at Grayland, Washington. It was very impressive, but when the $$ are added up, it may not make much sense to purchase it, except perhaps as a curiosity.
     For domestic DXing purposes, the SRF-59/39FP analog family of units provide tremendous "bang for the buck," but not when combined with a $69 add-on accessory.  I'm sure John would agree with me that a better solution would be to purchase a digital E100 or DT-200VX, and save the cost of the digital conversion.  Either of these units can be purchased for less than the cost of converting an analog SRF-39/59 unit.
                                                                            73,  Gary 
*** But given that my out-of-the-box DT-200VX is clearly less sensitive and less selective than my peaked-up SRF-59, that doesn't seem like a viable alternative. Nor is the ultimate price differential all that significant. I can't speak for the Eton, however it seems that from most reports it is better than the Sangean in both respects.

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