digital display for $10.00

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Thanks very much for bringing this display to our attention. Its very interesting.  I was likely the one that mentioned that I'd added a digital display to an SRF-39.  I've got an article about 2/3 done and will be posting it early in the week. The N3ZI unit turns out to be a partial kit for $10... a very good deal for some folks.  A full kit with all parts is $30.00. It looks great and I'll bet that it works great on the receivers listed and a bunch of others.  I'll guarantee, though, that it will not work as offered on the SRF-39/49/59 family, though.  The Sony chip that is the heart of this family of radios uses some really spooky math and unusual relationships between what is on the chip and the rest of the RF section. Any digital dial accessory will require special programming that is unique for this family of radios....

The folks that I worked with, AADE, were kind enough to develop special programming for the SRF-39 family... I loaned them a set to base their work on.
Their full kit is $49 and a fully assembled unit is $20 more.

N3ZI's unit may be the better deal financially, but only if he is willing and able to do the chip programming necessary for his unit to work with the '39 family.... be sure to ask :>)

I'll get that article up on and announced here by Wednesday.

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i thought i read that someone here had added a digital display to the
UL and i thought some here may be interested in this item.

N3ZI is selling a very nice frequency counter/digital dial for only


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