Re: Did I hear HOKS from Korea

Gary DeBock

Hello Paul,
     I'm glad you are having fun with your new E100, and hope that you will enjoy lots of great DX with it.
     Concerning whether you received Korea on 1080 at 1100 UTC, it would be the first reception of this station by Ultralight DXers anywhere in America, or Canada.  Only three Korean stations have been logged by ULR DXers here on the west coast:  HLCA-972 (by many), HLAZ-1566 (by many), and the Korean Jammer-1053 (by Nick Hall-Patch).  Also, Korean stations in Korea typically do not ID in English at the top of the hour, unless they are affiliated with the USFK miliotary forces.  They typically ID in Korean, with the time also given in Korean.
     Thanks again for the report, and I hope this information will be useful. Good luck in chasing DX with your E100.
                                                                    73, Gary 

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