Did I hear HOKS from Korea

kg4ruw <p_weiss@...>


I have been having a lot of fun logging stations with my new E100.

On Saturday between 0541-0606 CST I heard a station on 1080 in Korean.

0541-0555 CST - Male speaking Korean
0555-0600 CST - Female speaking Korean
O600 CST - Male speaking English ID'd with "HOKS Korea"
0601 CST - Female in English
0606 CST - deep fade (then gone)

The radio was pointing to the west from my home near Huntsville, AL
and I could null by turning the radio and pointing to the north and
hear WKJK (Louisville, KY).

I could also hear this with the same nulls from my Sony SRF-59.

So, I either heard HOKS from Korea or a relay.

Can anyone help clear up this mystery?

Thank you,
73's Paul

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