Re: "Prison Radio" Locked Out of eBay?

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I know for sure that the standard (non-FP) SRF-39 is a perfect replacement for the SRF-39FP. The non-FP has a black case and a black tuning wheel that is otherwise identical to the clear wheel on the FP.  The only thing that MIGHT be different on the SRF-59 is that same tuning wheel.... The dimple/depression in the '39 wheel perfectly mates with the 1/4" shaft coupler that I use to hook the 39 to a serious tuning knob.  The '59 wheel might have a smaller diameter depression.  If so, one would have to carefully glue the coupler on the surface of the tuning wheel and really be careful to get it centered. Gary also feels that the quality control on the SRF-59 is not quite as good as the '39.

There are still SRF-39s, both new and used available on ebay, too, by the way.... just not the FPs, as far as I know.

John B.

At 04:16 PM 6/27/2008 +0000, you wrote:

well i found what appears to be a source. something like the
California state prison system operates a store that can supposedly
supply those srf39fp's and other items but only does so to be sent to
one of the prisons for inmate use. i sent an email a few weeks ago to
them and they replied such.

this brings out a question i had. is the current srf59 a suitable
alternate replacement for the 39fp?? for instance to build a "National
SRF-39 Table Model" such as the one John recently has been working on.

> If anyone else can suggest
> an alternative source, it would be most appreciated.

> 73, Gary DeBock
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