Re: E100 Notes + Stuff


Because of painful arthritis in my thumbs I find it difficult to tune
the Sony SRF-59 receiver. So, after reading John's report, I decided
the Etón E100 might be the answer. First, I can't believe its
minuscule size - 17.64 cubic inches. One could almost hide it in the
battery compartment of a Grundig Satellit 800. However, it's still a
larger than my other ULRs, especially the SRF-t615.

Within a few minutes of first turning the power on it was obvious how
good its sensitivity and selectivity were. During the day the most
powerful signal received at my QTH is from KOKP-1020 (400 Watts @ 24
km.). It rocks the S-meter on my IC-R75 over to S9+40dB. So, imagine
my surprise when I was able to hear KBUF-1030 (1 kW @ 355 km) in the
KOKP slop on the E100 at mid-day. I estimate it was SIO=242 compared
to SIO=131 on the SRF-T615. Using my ancient Space Magnet fed through
a Sony ANC-2 antenna coupler, the signal was an estimated SIO=443.
Admittedly I had to detune the receiver to 1031-1032 kHz to clean up
the QRM.

The biggest plus of this hot little receiver is the ability to be
tuned without the difficult thumb wheel used on the SRF-39FP and SRF-59.

Thank you John for the glowing report on the E100. It is a winner. I
recommend everyone get one before they are gone from the market.

Richard Allen
near Perry OK USA
WiNRADiO G313e, ICOM IC-R75 and too many ULRs.

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