"Prison Radio" Locked Out of eBay?

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     For three consecutive weeks, the highly popular SRF-39FP analog Ultralight radio has not been listed on eBay by the notorious Florida seller, Greg Stanbury. 
     The SRF-39FP has been the analog Ultralight of choice both for casual domestic DXers and hard-core transoceanic DX chasers, and has certainly had more hot-rodding attention than any other pocket-radio design.  However, it was discontinued by Sony long ago (mid-1990's), and has become popular in the enthusiast group solely because of its NOS availability on eBay.
     It would be most unfortunate if this model is no longer available for new purchase by the Ultralight enthusiast group.  If anyone else can suggest an alternative source, it would be most appreciated.
                                                                                         73,  Gary DeBock

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