Re: DT-200VX vs.E100 Comments


I am willing to send my E100 out there to Gary for whatever
alignments and antenna super-sizing experiments he may wish to try.
Presumably I could get back a seriously-hotrodded ultralight DX
machine by September or so, perhaps for a modification cost in the
sub-$100 range. But we can work out that detail later and, of
course, if the performance is truly jaw-dropping, price would be less

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

Mark and Others,

E100 experimentation here has already produced models
significantly more sensitive than a stock 2010, but we (John, Guy and
I) are attempting to create radios with both sensitivity and
selectivity improvements, which will be capable of receiving multiple
DU's on ocean beaches this summer.

Receiving DU's on Ultralights is a tough challenge, because not
only are signal levels generally weak, but the directional bearings
are usually in-line with Seattle and Vancouver adjacent QRM, making
it impossible to null the locals. It's almost the same situation as
you described a few months ago, referring to QRM from NYC and other
semi-locals, as you chase TA's in Massachusetts-- only in this case,
the DX is much weaker. John was able to log multiple DU's at
Grayland with his directional Wellbrook array hooked up to an E100,
but for stock Ultralights, the DU action has been rare indeed. Last
Sunday at Grayland I was able to barely hear audio on 738-Tahiti on
an SRF-T615, and on April 20th, had unID audio on 531 looping in the
DU direction. But the tinkerers here in WA are looking for a lot
more than that, hi.

In about a month or so, Mark, it should be clear how successful
we will be, in creating the "Ultimate DXpedition Ultralight."
Assuming there is progress, I would be happy to modify an E100 for
you, although it would be primarily for fun, not $$. We hope many
more highly successful DXpeditioners like yourself will take up the
challenge of Ultralight TA chasing, especially if the E100 can be hot-
rodded into a "dream machine."

73, Gary

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