Re: Possible Contenders for the Ultralight Radio Summertime Shootout

Carl DeWhitt

---So,Gary,do i understand correctly that am MP3 recorder or other
type of recorder built into the unit would disqualify the radio being
an ultralight ? But an external connection of a recorder to an
ultralight would be ok,maybe?
In ultralightdx@..., D1028Gary@... wrote:

Hello Dave,

Thank you for your suggestions of the GE #7-1637A radio, and
the Sony
WM-FS493 radio-cassette combo unit, for the Ultralight Summertime

As you may be aware, the rules for shootout "contenders" are
very close
to the rules set by the Ultralight Classifications Committee for
contests, and for competition for John Bryant's List of Firsts and
Basically, this means that possible contenders must qualify as an
radio (as defined by the Definitions Committee), and must be
generally available
for purchase (as new units) by interested AM-DX hobbyists.

In some instances, such as the E100 and SRF-39FP units, there
is a
constant possibility that approved but discontinued units may no
longer be
available for purchase, but once the model is approved by the
Committee, the
model's qualification will almost certainly be "grandfathered" by
the Committee,
for future qualification. Otherwise, the Firsts and Records List
would need to
be altered each time an approved unit was unavailable for NOS
purchase on

As you may be aware, the Classifications Committee has issued
a general
guideline that radios in combination with peripheral devices (cassette
recorders, cameras, mp3 players, etc.) are not currently being
considered as
qualified for Ultralight Radio designation. This guideline is also
being observed
for qualification as an Ultralight Radio shootout contender.
Radios that
follow the definitions guidelines set by the Committee AND
available for new or
NOS purchase by AM-DX hobbyists will be considered for the Summertime
Shooutout, although if the units are not generally available from
eBay or other
common sources, they may fail to qualify. As such, your suggestion
of the GE
#7-1637A model will be accepted if the radio can be purchased from
eBay (or
other common sources) as an NOS unit. The reason for this
requirement is so
that interested hobbyists can easily order any shootout contender
they desire,
rather than face the frustration of tracking down a rare
discontinued unit.

73, Gary DeBock

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