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Hopefully the Stormwise 1.0 X 16.8" rod has shipped by now. I was told that it would be "3 or 4 days" until it shipped, as he needed to construct the rod inside the thin, protective plastic tubing he puts all his ferrites into. I'm not doing any loopstick work until this biggie one arrives (I don't have any Amidon rods now anyway; just some vintage ones.)

I finally googled the stormwise site, Guy.... very impressive.  I can't wait until you have your big bar onna E100 and compare it to about the same length Amidon half-inch dia. bar of about the same length with Gary.  As I understand the theory (and I'm not sure that I do) The 1" stormwise ought to be twice as sensitive to 4 times as sensitive per inch of length.... were the ferrite mix the same.  REALLY going to be interesting to compare them. I was impressed with several things on the Stormwise site, but especially his prices for big ferrite bars.

Please refresh my memory: do I need to take an inductance reading of the STOCK loopstick on the E100 while it's in the "peaked on 600 kHz" position? I take it that this value is what I shoot for with the new Litz wire coil on the big ferrite rod.

That is what Gary and I did. We peaked it up at 600 kHz. and then measured the inductance (mine was 250.3. His was somewhat higher.) We then created coils that matched that inductance. I positioned my test coil halfway between the center and the end of the bar as I took off turns to hit 250.  The nearer the end of the bar, the lower the inductance and resonant frequency... nearer the center, the higher the inductance and resonant frequency.

Also, John & Gary, what is the linear distance on the ferrite rod between the peaked at 530 kHz and peaked at 1700 kHz? Are we talking fractions of an inch between the two sweet spots?

Surprised me with the distance needed to travel.  My sweet spot at the low end o the dial is about 90 percen of the way to the end. The high end sweet spot is nearly in the center... That is with the .5" x 7.3" Amidon bar. The fatter bar ought to change inductance of the coil more quickly ????

John, I was surprised your E10 did so poorly in your tests today. Mine has not been tested carefully, but my impression is that it is close to the DE1103 in sensitivity.

Yes, I was surprised, too. I'm going to have to try to align that thing and try again, only A/Bing with the E100+Amidon 7.3" They should have ben more competitive. I don't want to give up on the E10.  Given the quality of the E1 and the E100 on MW, I just can't believe that the E10 issa turkey.

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