Re: E100 Notes + Stuff

Gary DeBock

     Your "Amidon E100" and "Amidon SRF-39FP" daytime DX shootout was also tried here, with similar results.  The "sliding coil" trick improves the sensitivity of the hot-rodded E100 from modest to magnificent, and it also gives it an extra edge in selectivity, when the loopstick coil is peaked on each desired frequency.
     The hot-rodded SRF-39FP is a very sensitive performer, but without some help in selectivity (a challenge because of the 50 kHz IF), it has trouble splitting off the 9 kHz signals at Grayland.  Presumably, a "sliding coil" trick could also help the SRF-39FP, at least on the lower frequencies.  But I doubt it would improve selectivity to the point where it would be competitive with the hot-rodded E100, since its aligned loopstick frequency (600 kHz) is almost the same as the 620-KPOJ frequency, where it failed your selectivity test.
     Guy's premium 455 kHz IF filters may be almost the last thing the modified E100 really needs, to shine at Grayland.  That, plus a shotgun-barrel sized composite loopstick should do the trick  :>)
                                                                                                    73,  Gary   

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