Ultralight Radio Founders Awards

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
     The newly created Ultralight Radio Awards Committee is pleased to announce its initial awards, in honor of four outstanding DXers who truly set the highest standard, during our first exciting season.  These individuals astonished all of us with their amazing DX accomplishments, which proved to all that these innovative pocket radios are capable of incredible long-distance DX.
     The recipients of these unique, special awards are:
1)  Allen Willie, St. John's, Newfoundland   (for outstanding accomplishment in Trans-Atlantic reception of multiple countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia)
2)  Robert Ross,  London, Ontario   (for outstanding accomplishment in reception of multiple domestic and foreign stations, including the reception of 304 stations within a 30-day period)
3)  Dennis Vroom, Salmon Creek, Washington  (for outstanding accomplishment in reception of multiple Trans-Pacific stations, including the record-breaking reception of VOA-1575 in Thailand)
4)  Paul Logan, Linaskea, Northern Ireland  (for outstanding accomplishment in Trans-Atlantic reception of multiple stations in North America)
     Co-founder John Bryant prepared some very attractive Award Certificates for these honored DXers, who have received their awards as of June 15th.   We wish to invite all interested DXers to prepare for the exciting upcoming Ultralight Radio DX season, with various award categories organized by John Bryant, Robert Ross, and myself.  Our goal is to create interesting and challenging incentives for DXers at every level, to encourage interest in our exciting new AM-DX niche hobby, and the supreme fun it offers.
                                       73,  Gary DeBock

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