Re: DT-200VX vs.E100 Comments


I too went for the E100 deal from Fry's (price a bit over $40).

My house interior is so riddled with RF digi-hash that I couldn't
really give it a fair sensitivity test yet. I'll have to take it
outdoors during the day over the weekend.

I have also noted the 1 kHz high readout quirk. A station on 1030
sounds best on 1031. Furthermore, selectivity seems sharper on the
lower side of an AM signal than when you go higher in frequency.
Roll-off 2 kHz below the apparent center occurs about as you would
expect it: the higher frequency audio gets scratchy and splatter-
like. But going 3 kHz above apparent center, perfectly readable
audio can still be had. At some point (about 2 kHz above center) it
actually sounds more muffled and bassy rather than the expected
scratchy / trebly sound that typically occurs when you tune to the
side of an AM signal. This just seems weird to me and makes me think
that something besides the center frequency readout accuracy needs to
be aligned.

In general I think the receiver has possibilities and, since I have a
number of other ultralight and semi-light portables, I'd consider it
a good "guinea pig" to send out to Gary to have him rework for a
larger external ferrite rod and to do whatever other magic he may
wish to perform (for a fair price) to turn this thing into a DX
machine capable of beating a stock Sony ICF-2010 or ICF-S5W, at least
in the sensitivity department.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA, USA

Hello Paul (and John, Rob and others),

I'm glad you enjoy using your new E100, Paul. The 200 memories
and 1 kHz digital tuning steps give this model an edge over other
Ultralights, as proven by John's reception of multiple DU's, while
hooking it up to his Wellbrook array at Grayland. Even for casual
DXers, it has many superb capabilities.

The E100 just barely missed the cutoff for the 2008 Ultralight
Radio AM-DX Shootout (published on in February), so its
relative capabilities were not closely investigated at that time.
Because of that, and because other capable Ultralight models have
been "discovered" since February, a "Midsummer Ultralight AM-DX
Shootout" is seriously being considered (if there is sufficient
interest). This would compare the E100 and other new "contenders"
with the top models from the February shootout (SRF-39FP/59, DT-
200VX, SRF-T615, DT-210V, etc.) in the same format as the February
shootout, now posted on What do you guys think?

John is correct in that 3 Washington state tinkering fanatics
are making 3 different E100 hot-rodding designs in 3 different,
bizarre ways. May the more reasonable, mainstream Ultralight
enthusiast group have mercy on us.

73, Gary

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